Speaker, Author and Professor
of Ethics, Intercultural Ethics,
Medical Ethics & Asian Philosophy

Healthcare Ethics in a Diverse Society

with Judith A. Boss (Brown University School of Medicine) (New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education; originally Mountain View, CA: Mayfield Publishing Company, 2001).

Back cover:

Healthcare Ethics in a Diverse Society is an innovative text/reader that performs two tasks.  First, it provides a sound, comprehensive introduction to the field of conventional Western medical ethics; second, it introduces readers to cross-cultural perspectives related to the issues addressed.


  • This well-written, balanced text/reader addresses issues within the broader context of the healthcare professional, not just the physician.
  • Cultural Windows boxes integrate cross-cultural perspectives throughout the text.
  • Chapter 1 covers a broad range of ethical theories, including virtue and feminist care ethics and communitarian approaches.
  • Chapter 2 presents rules of critical reasoning with application to healthcare ethics.
  • The readings represent many of the most prominent scholars in the field and are edited to facilitate comprehension.
  • Landmark legal cases are addressed throughout the text.
  • Cases for Analysis follow each chapter along with Discussion Questions, and a detailed Glossary/Index concludes the text.


“I cannot agree more with the major goal of addressing diversity; for a nation of minorities with an increasingly diverse group of students entering healthcare, this book will fill an amazing vacuum.  The treatment of critical thinking and other cultures is crucial today and absent in comparable texts.”

Richard Noble
University of Michigan

“I very much like how the authors integrate non-Western theory in Chapter 1 to support their use of non-Western perspectives on topics in later chapters… For those of us who are tired of the very limited nature of current medical ethics discussions and who desire to bring the field along in the directions that other areas of philosophy are going, Healthcare Ethics will be a most welcome addition.”

Eric Kraemer
University of Wisconsin, La Crosse