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Everywhere and Nowhere: The Path of Alan Watts

American University Studies, Vol. 54 (New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 1988)

Back cover:

The works of Alan Watts have had an undeniably profound impact upon contemporary Western culture.  More than any other person, he has inspired the continued widespread interest in Oriental thought.  His interpretation of Eastern viewpoints, especially from Zen Buddhism, provides the background for his unique philosophy, which centers around the quest for individual identity.  His path demands the radical transformation from our fragmented ego-conscious state the genuine self-awareness.  As long as we remain under the spell of the ego, we maintain a counterfeit relationship with self and others, perpetuating a life-long struggle against nature, time, and death.  Only when we break the chains of the illusion of ego, can we set out on the bridge to self-realization and discover who we truly are.


“… this eminently readable commentary of Watts’ version of Eastern philosophy not only makes the latter accessible to a wider audience.  It also contributes to building the bridge between philosophies and cultures.”

Joseph A. Selling
Professor, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Chairman, Department of Moral Theology

“Here for the first time we have a critical study of [Watts’[ thought… Brannigan gives us a systematic exposition of Watts’ positions and at the same time a critical evaluation that can help us understand the role he played in the meeting of East and West.”

Ewert Cousins
Fordham University